How you drive your Nissan LEAF™ will impact range to get the most out of every charge, try:

  • Using a moderate temperature setting inside the cabin (use of the air conditioner and heater draw energy from the battery)
  • Pre-heating or pre-cooling the cabin before you unplug (you can set a timer or use your Smartphone)
  • Driving at slower, constant speeds
  • Using eco mode
  • Destination charging the Nissan LEAF has a number of features to help you maximize your range and keep you charged up

CARWINGS™ information system*

Updates the navigation system with current charging station locations in your area:

  • Monitors the state of charge from your Smartphone or computer
  • Remotely starts vehicle charging
  • Provides connectivity to start and stop the climate control system in the vehicle remotely via your Smartphone or computer
  • Reminds you to plug in the car if you forget
  • Is provided to you complimentary for three years

The LEAF onboard navigation system:

  • Is “smart” enough to tell you based on destination input and state of charge whether you have the range to “make it,” and if not, search for nearby charging station along the route
  • Displays your current range radius
  • Will alert you if you need to charge
  • Shows you where you can find the nearest available charge station
  • Displays how much charge you have left and how many miles remain
  • Has a real time energy usage screen which shows you how much energy is being used, regenerated, how much further you can drive, and the real time impact of using climate control on your range

Multi-function display drive computer

  • Measures energy economy, kWh/mile, similar to a MPG meter
  • Calculates estimated charging time under 120V and 240V power

Regenerative braking – Every time you coast or apply the brakes in the Nissan LEAF, the electric motor acts as an electric generator, converting energy that would otherwise be wasted into battery energy. So even when you’re slowing down, you’re charging up.

Eco mode – This driver selectable mode reduces air conditioning, increases regenerative braking, and could increase your range by up to 10%.

Power meter – Indicates the regeneration power level provided to the Li-ion battery system and the energy (power) consumption level when driving.

Eco-indicator – The meter displays an illustrated ECO driving level calculated from conditions such as accelerator pedal and brake pedal operations, air conditioner usage and idling time of the electric motor.

Lithium ion battery empty warning light – When your battery has 4kWh remaining, your empty warning light will come on. A notification on your screen will indicate where to find all charging stations within range.

Power limitation mode – In the event that your battery becomes critically low, power limitation mode will automatically minimize your energy consumption and reduce your speed to help you get to a charging dock.

Complimentary three years roadside assistance

*CARWINGS™ communicates through a cellular network which may not be available in all areas. Signal strength may vary and be limited for the Nissan LEAF and your location. Certain remote functions require a compatible smartphone, not included with vehicle. CARWINGS™ information system features are included through a subscription service which is complimentary in the price of the vehicle for the first 36 months. After that time, a subscription service can be purchased.